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Tottenham vs Arsenal a few quick thoughts

  • Mathieu Flamini for God’s sake – not once but twice, first one was great anticipation and the second one was well taken in all honesty.
  • First 25 minutes was pretty dull – the game seemed very “bitty” so to speak
  • Michel Vorm should have done better with the shot that lead to their opener, easy enough to say “Lloris would have dealt with that” but in all fairness he probably would have.
  • Harry Kane did everything but score, that bicycle kick was something special – although that’s now 8 appearances in all competitions this season without a goal.
  • We certainly looked brighter in the second half and all our pressure deserved an equaliser, then we really had Arsenal on the ropes at 1-1. We did everything but score, had we then I’m sure we would have deflated them enough to progress.
  • Fazio and Wimmer is no Jan and Toby now is it.
  • Danny Rose looked lively and I would expect him to start on Saturday
  • The Son didn’t shine on TV last night, but it was a big ask to really do something with 25 minutes to go
  • I know It’s easy to say but although you never want to Arsenal, I’m kind of glad that we got knocked out as we really don’t have the squad to cope on multiple fronts so at least this is no longer a distraction.
  • I’d rather win on Saturday then last night if I had the choice – we’ll probably lose both
  • Nice of Arsenal to start the demolition work of White Hart Lane early

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