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New Zealand Football Championship Grand Final in less than 5 minutes

Yes you can tell it’s International week when an article about New Zealand Football is written. This isn’t totally left field for me as I did actually spend 3 months in Auckland back in 2004 and I do actually keep an eye on the competition from time to time.

Last week you may not have known that it was their Grand Final – like most Southern Hemisphere sporting competitions they don’t really believe in a standard league format and like everyone else everything is decided at the end of the season with Play Offs and a Grand Final

This year’s Final bought together the “Giants” of New Zealand Football Auckland City and their opponents Team Wellington (less said about that name the better to be honest). Auckland City are probably best known for their FIFA World Club Championship exploits of 2014 when the reached the Semi Finals of the Competition and were one game away from facing Real Madrid

Auckland City are without question the league’s largest club and their dominance in the Oceana Champions League (which subsequently gets them into the FIFA World Club Championship each year) gives them a massive financial boost also to keep them at the top of the tree.

Since the league’s inception in 2004-05 they have won the competitions 6 times in 11 seasons, and only not made the final of the competition on 3 occasions whereas Team Wellington have never managed to win the title being the bridesmaid on the 3 previous attempts

This final would be a repeat of the 2013-14 season where Auckland got the better of the Capital club by winning the game 2-1, would lightning strike twice for Auckland or would Team Wellington finally taste domestic glory once and for all.

This game turned out to be worthy of any Grand Final billing, so if you have 5 minutes to hand sit back and watch this end of season cracker

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