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#HerveWatch Monaco 0 – Lille 0


Lille drew 0-0 with Monaco on Friday night. Again Herve was wearing the standard tight shirt and trousers combo. No goals for Lille yet and I can’t confirm whether Herve went straight to the casino after the game. Weirdly both of Lille’s matches have been played on Friday nights whether this is because Herve wants to go straight to the Discotheque cannot neither be confirmed or denied as is the fact that he ended up the night shacked up in a hotel room with a multitude of go-go dancers. Then again this is Herve Renard so nothing would surprise me,

Next up for Lille it’s at home to Bordeaux on Sunday week. Will Herve’s charges get their first goal of the season, what will Herve be wearing, will Herve had gone to bed, we will find out next Sunday. Allez Herve!

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