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Unofficial Football World Championships – New Zealand 0 Peru 0

To be honest there was not a lot to write home about in the small hours of this morning as New Zealand and Peru went head to head in the FIFA Inter-Confederational Play Off 1st Leg in Wellington. Both teams going into this clash were potentially just two games away from making it to the finals in Russia next Summer.

But there is also the small matter of the Unofficial Football World Championship and not only that but this is the first part of a double header. After the goalless draw earlier this morning (UK time) it means that Peru are still holders and now have home advantage going into the second leg.

What does that mean for getting the UFWC crown to Russia though, I’ll now breakdown the permutations for you

It will go to the world cup as long as we don’t have either:

0-0 draw and NZ win after extra time and/or pens (can have a 0-0 if Peru win)

Score draw and NZ go through but Peru stay holders and don’t go to the world cup

Basically a winner of some kind would be the preference.

After it being landlocked for so long the worst case scenario would be this, New Zealand qualify for the World Cup by virtue of a 1-1 draw (or any other score draw for that matter) but do not become new unofficial champions meaning that not only would we be deprived of some title matches in the finals next year but it would still stay in South America.

And I think I speak for everyone when I say that it would be great to see it not just become a continent specific adventure and it once again competed around the world. Of course there is also the danger that New Zealand could win it and then lose to a nation in a pre-tournament friendly but let’s worry about those concerns if and when they arise.

It is fair to say that New Zealand are going to have to gamble in the second leg next week and if you fancy a gamble this weekend you can take advantage of these casino offers – hundreds in sign up bonuses but more importantly just the who will take one of the final 32 berths for the World Cup, we will have the answer to that on Thursday morning.

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