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Unofficial Football World Championship – Brazil vs Uruguay Preview

The Unofficial Football World Championship returns in the early hours of Tomorrow night (Friday) as holders Uruguay travel to Brazil in a World Cup Qualifier. Their hasn’t been a title match for 4 months and the last one saw Uruguay take the crown back from previous holders Chile.

Not only does this game have the importance of a UFWC Title Match it will also see the return of Luis Suarez from the International Ban that was handed out to him after biting Giorgio Chiellini back in the 2014 World Cup

In terms of qualification at present Uruguay have won 3 out of their 4 games and sit 2nd in the tbale behind surprise leaders Ecuador, while Brazil sit in 3rd place a further two points back

In terms of the UFWC then this game only goes to strengthen the vice like grip that the COMNEBOL region has on the title. With it locked into World Cup Qualifers and also a centenary Copa America this Summer it doesn’t look like it’s going to be contested by a European nation any time soon.

The last European nation to attempt to win the Championship was France exactly 1 year ago while the last European nation to actually hold the crown were when Germany did the FIFA and UFWC double back in 2014.

I’ve been tracking the competition for 5 years now and it all started when the almighty North Korea became the supreme team in Global Football back in 2011, unfortunately their reign was ended in slightly murky circumstances as they lost to Sweden in a slightly ambiguous friendly which ended their 2 year reign at the top. You only win the title by beating your opposition, a draw means you keep the title. Here are the list of Champions since North Korea:

North Korea




Costa Rica


Argentina (2)


Argentina (3)



Argentina (4)


Uruguay (2)

Could Brazil clinch a second reign of the crown since I’ve been following the sequence or will Luis Suarez be able to make sure his first game back is a successful defence of the crown. We’ll find out by the time you wake up on Saturday Morning

You can read more about the concept of the competition here http://www.ufwc.co.uk/

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