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Ice cold treatment for Three Lions tonight

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Time for another guest article and this time it’s the return of Holland’s Gustaaf Weber who gives his views on England vs Iceland, over to you Gustaaf

A win tonight over Iceland would see England progress to the last eight. All big football nations other than Spain and Germany have a debate over what style to play. Spain and Germany choose to attack and have possession, whoever they face.

They  clearly stand for their style of play. England are in the same league like Belgium; plenty of talent, but in search  of their best way to play, unsure how good they really are. Belgium struggled in their group but looked incredible last night only because Hungary played open attacking football.

Hungary was the only small nation who dared to attack in these Euros, naïve maybe but entertaining to watch. England have predominantly tried to attack so far, but couldn’t break down sturdy defenses of  Wales and Slovakia, and couldn’t create despite all the possession against a weak Russia.

England is much better equipped to play a quarter final against France or a semifinal against Germany  in a free flowing game. No big footballing nation wants to face England. But first there is tonight to overcome. England can expect a very frustrating night against Iceland, who showed against Portugal what they are about.

They just absorbed the endless attacking waves of Ronaldo and his friends, never intended to make any sort of buildup. They happily kicked the ball back to Portugal’s half, staying in position for the next Portuguese attack.

A frustrated Ronaldo offended Iceland after the game for their style of play. Ronaldo’s frustration only added to the celebrations in Iceland.  England players are in for the same cold Iceland treatment. Iceland is a nightmare to play against.

They can play as negative as they want and still be the Euro darlings, for being honest Scandinavians and for being with just 330.000. My country Holland was knocked out by them, and I still sympathize with them.

If you go behind against them, you might as well throw the towel.  Holland deservedly lost twice in qualification. England should be confident however. If they play fearless and  dare to express their far superior quality,  there will be no other winner than the Three Lions. Unshackled by the EU, show us how brave and confident your country can be!

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