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Super Sunday sees record Blog Traffic

You know what they say you wait for a record breaking blog day and then Two come along at once.

Yesterday I mentioned how Saturday’s page views were an all time best with just over 1,500 in a single day, well yesterday absolutely obliterated that figure by comparison.

Just under 4,000 people laid eyes on the blog Yesterday, that is more in a day than I got in the whole of October and just goes to show how far the site has come in a short space of time and the momentum it is generating

As always a big thanks not only to anyone who read the blog yesterday but anyone who has ever visited, also thanks to Sunday’s activity I have surpassed 50,000 total page views in less than a year which is a pretty decent start.

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As always you do the important part in actually reading the blog and for that I’m very grateful, so here is too many more records being broken and the blog going from strength to strength


Real Football Man

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