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Spurs fans don’t think they’ll sign a Forward this month

Another of my “scientific polls” were carried out last night and it turns out that a slight majority believe that Tottenham won’t bolster their attacking ranks this month.

It’s a difficult one really, on Monday Spurs fans said they didn’t really want Berahino so it begs the question who do you bring to the club during the Transfer Window?. It seems that negotiations between West Bromwich Albion and Tottenham although closer than they were at the end of August are still some distance away for a deal to be completed.

If the signing of Berahino doesn’t come to fruition and in the early stages of the window, do Spurs then feel the need to impulse buy a player they don’t really want or do they carry on with what they have and don’t risk upsetting the squad harmony that they currently have. It could be argued that even buying Berahino could do exactly that, I mean if you have someone who isn’t happy at West Brom is he going to be happy with a backup role at Spurs.

Mauricio Pochettino isn’t giving too much away when pressed on this question saying that “they might get someone in or they might not get someone in” a lot will depend on whether himself and Paul Mitchell can actually identify the right target in the next few weeks. Also I can’t see Daniel Levy giving the green light to buying a striker if he doesn’t feel that value can be added to the squad.

It’s obvious that the club has a list of desirable targets it’s now whether the right player at the right price and the right deal can be made. We’ve had a fingers burnt before with failure not to add a key name in January let’s just hope a season which is showing such promise doesn’t fizzle out due to a shortage in attacking personnel. COYS!

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