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Six Best Kodi Football Addons 2018

The cost of watching Football is one that seems to rise year on year be it either by going to the ground or by being an armchair fan. If you are one of the later then you will know that there is a constant game of whack-a-mole when it comes to the authorities killing off illegal streams of such competitions such as the Premier League which are being showed via addons on Kodi.

The Premier League managed to earn something of a huge victory at the start of the season when they went straight for the heart of the people streaming out the much sought after content and in turn killing off many of the available sources.

However all is not lost especially if you have a combination of either a VPN or Kodi. What is a VPN? well this is something that allows you to evade any blocked content due to geographical restrictions. A perfect example of this would be trying to watch Match Of The Day while not being a resident of the United Kingdom.

Not only does a VPN does offer this geographical work around but it also means that you can stream content safely and securely, in turn giving you piece of mind from the fact that you will not be getting a letter from your Internet Service Provider because you are watching something that you shouldn’t be.

Here are six of the best (please note, these are just recommendation. I have no ownership or connection with any of the services and I cannot help you with any other technical questions either. That said there are plenty of FAQ guides available on the web)

1. Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV Kodi addon

2. SportsDevil

sportsdevil Kodi addon

3. BoB Unleashed

BoB Unleashed Kodi Addon

4. DC Sports

DC Sports Kodi Addon

5. UK Turk Playlist

UK Turk Playlist Kodi Addon

6. Maverick TV

Maverick TV Kodi Addon

These are just six that I would recommended, if you dig deeper then there are even more available. Happy hunting.

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