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Russian Premier League Form Infograph – Week 9

Russian Premier League Form Infograph – Week 9

Russian Premier League Form Infograph - Week 9

Time for something a little different and arguably also a bit left field at the same time, then again that’s never stopped me in the past and therefore I hereby present my Russian Premier League infograph for Week 9 of the season.

Why the Russian Premier League you are probably asking yourself. well they are a lot deeper into their season already and this means we can look at form as a basis of predictions, rather than just looking at teams at the top versus teams at the bottom.

This works by highlighting the team, current league position (going into the gameweek) and performances in their last six matches and the points that were gained from those six matches, while the most recent result is closest to the amount of points and works backwards towards the league placing.

In terms of the colours, Orange signifies the team with the hottest form in the division at present and blue indicates the team with the coolest, admittedly there is too much variation from the league places at the moment (although this is not unexpected at this point) but the further we can get into the season, the more difference there might be.

While the green shading looks at the team with the higher points tally (from the past six matches) in that particular fixture, although this does bring up another angle in which we need to explore and that is the combinations of form and how they rank.

For example if two teams go into a game with nine points from their last six, that could be any number of combinations to get there, say 3 wins and 3 wins losses or 2 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss and therefore we have to try and map out which is better going into the game itself.

This is the next phase of the infographs that I’m working on and will look to put it to the test in a few weeks time, as then I’ll also be able to offer pre-match predictions to go with it, in the meantime this should at least give you an idea as to where your money should be going this weekend.

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