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Real Football Cast - Season 3 Episode 28

Real Football Cast – Season 3 Episode 28

Real Football Cast – Season 3 Episode 28

The Real Football Cast returns for its third season of operation and although you may know the drill by now, let me explain for those do not.

I’m your host Dan Tracey and in the next 30 minutes we will be dissecting all the hot topics in football

It is a little bit different this week, in that there is one only one topic up for debate and to be honest it is a rather big one indeed, as we discuss the likely expansion of the UEFA Champions League.

This week it is two up top, with Karl returning to take the captain’s armband back from Matthew, although the Welsh international acts as his more than able deputy.

So you probably want to know what is on the agenda this week, well here is a little snippet:

“Right then it’s time to go LIVE and where shall we go first, well there’s only one place that we’re going to today and that is UEFA’s headquarters and the plans to expand the Champions League to 36 teams. Karl with such plans, this is a European Super League in all but name?

Matthew, obviously there has been sabre rattling from Europe’s elite for quite some time, do you think this proposed move will be enough to keep them happy. Is the threat always going to be a threat until such a pirate league actually takes place.

Karl, in terms of the Champions League itself, I know this season has been tough because Spurs are not in it and there’s no fans in the grounds, but would you say that you’ve been interested in the competition as a whole”


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