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Real Football Cast - Season 2 Episode 34

Real Football Cast – Season 2 Episode 34

Real Football Cast – Season 2 Episode 34

The Real Football Cast returns for its 34th runout of the season and in a world which seems to be crumbling before our very eyes, thankfully there is one audio resource you can trust and that is the RFC.

With no action taking place for the forseeable future, Dan, Karl and Drew answer the what if’s

Is the damage done as far as Tottenham and their furlough reversal

Should any Premier League club be using Government funds in such troubling times?

Are Newcastle finally going to have new owners?

Will Harry Kane depart Tottenham this Summer

Where are we in terms of getting a Premier League ball kicked?

Will the season be declared null and void?

Will the Champions League be able to continue due to cross-continent travel?

What’s the state of the play in the MLS?

There are so many scenarios that could and probably will play out over the next few weeks and months and therefore the threesome (not like that) have at least tried to make some sense of this current hiatus.

More importantly to all listeners, please stay safe out there

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