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Premier League Predictions – Week 6 (Review)

Another week of Premier League actions is in the record books and that means it is time to review how I fared in terms of predictions. Let’s not wait any longer and see how I fared over the course of the past few days


Manchester United vs Leicester – Manchester United Win YES

Bournemouth vs Everton – Everton Win NO

Liverpool vs Hull – Liverpool Win YES

Middlesbrough vs Tottenham – Tottenham Win YES

Stoke vs West Brom – Draw YES

Swansea vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES

Sunderland vs Crystal Palace – Crystal Palace Win YES

Arsenal vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win NO


West Ham vs Southampton – Draw NO


Burnley vs Watford – Draw NO

A just about above average 6 out of 10 for week 6. It was looking very promising by 5:00pm on Saturday after getting 6 out of 7 correct but then I failed to get any of the last three matches right and therefore it’s not quite matching the heights of the opening couple of weeks. Still a slight improvement on the past couple of weeks so that’s not to be sniffed at. I think Bournemouth beating Everton would have been a coupon buster for many people.

In terms of strike rate I am now on 38 correct picks out of 60, which knocks the percentage down to 63.3% so far this season.

Until Thursday for Week 7’s predictions

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