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Premier League Predictions – Week 35

As soon as one Premier League gameweek starts it is literally time for another (bar a day’s rest, which to be fair I think we all need before we go again) The action does not seem to be letting up as we officially reach the “business end of the season” and with that is time for another round of predictions.


Southampton vs Hull – Draw

Stoke vs West Ham – Stoke Win

Sunderland vs Bournemouth – Bournemouth Win

West Brom vs Leicester – Draw

Crystal Palacs vs Burnley – Crystal Palace Win


Manchester United vs Swansea – Manchester United Win

Everton vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win

Middlesbrough vs Manchester City Win – Manchester City Win

Tottenham vs Arsenal – Tottenham Win


Watford vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win

So will the title race finally be decided this weekend, if we factor in the possible 6 point swing then Chelsea could be anywhere between 1 and 10 points clear by the end of Sunday. Not literally anywhere between those numbers, for example they can’t go 9 points clear as that would somehow mean that Tottenham have lost the North London Derby and Chelsea have weirdly been awarded 5 points for a win over Everton.

What will the landscape in the race for the top four look like, we’ve got two places looking to be filled by four clubs, something or someone has to give at some point, just who will be the disappointed parties? And is this the week in which we finally say goodbye to Sunderland, the agony has been prolonged for a while now but defeat to Bournemouth will finally mean relegation to The Championship for The Black Cats.

That is what I think will happen over this Bank Holiday weekend in regards to predictions, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below. Best of luck if you follow these tips. Place your bets now!

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