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Premier League Predictions – Week 35 (Review)

As we move a step closer to the end of the season there are only a handful of weeks left to go and that means there are few opportunities left in regards to Premier League Predictions. Although Tottenham won which was great personally in regards to my predictions I have a feeling this could be a week to forget. So lets not wait about any longer and see how I fared over the Bank Holiday Weekend


Southampton vs Hull – Draw YES

Stoke vs West Ham – Stoke Win NO

Sunderland vs Bournemouth – Bournemouth Win YES

West Brom vs Leicester – Draw NO

Crystal Palacs vs Burnley – Crystal Palace Win NO


Manchester United vs Swansea – Manchester United Win NO

Everton vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES

Middlesbrough vs Manchester City Win – Manchester City Win NO

Tottenham vs Arsenal – Tottenham Win YES


Watford vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win YES

If Saturday’s Match Of The Day was bad then my predictions were no better as I recorded a bang average 5 out of 10. A frustrating week as after a shaky start to proceedings I thought I could claw things back on Sunday but you cannot legislate for not just one but two Manchester slip ups. Had the two halves of Manchester won that it would have been a very healthy 7 out of 10 but as it is I have to make do with just the 5.

That means my rolling total is now at 182 out of 340 taking me down to 53.5% percent. 1.5% away from the end of the season of target. It now means I have to get 27 out of the remaining 40 fixtures correct if I am going to hit my target of 55%. So from here on in I’m going to need a 70% return on all the remaining 4 game weeks if I am going to do, it really is squeaky bum time. That is my review for this week, the next batch will be out on Thursday. Until then.

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