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Premier League Predictions – Week 29 (Review)

The review of Week 29 may be incredibly late but that’s due to the fact I took an international hiatus of my own, that and the simple fact that there is very little to write about during this fallow period so I thought it better to space out some of the content. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget the latest installment of the hottest prediction series in town am I, so without further ado lets all refresh our memories and see how I did in Week 29 of the Premier League Predictions


West Brom vs Arsenal – Arsenal Win NO

Crystal Palace vs Watford – Crystal Palace Win YES

Everton vs Hull – Everton Win YES

Stoke vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES

Sunderland vs Burnley – Draw YES

West Ham vs Leicester – Draw NO

Bournemouth vs Swansea – Draw NO


Middlesbrough vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win YES

Tottenham vs Southampton – Tottenham Win YES

Manchester City vs Liverpool – Manchester City Win NO

So it may have been a while back now but a mid table 6 out of 10 is not all that bad, especially when the revised target is to get more than 50% of my predictions correct. Notice how that target has slipped from 60 to 55 to 50, but that said I’m definitely going to aim to beat 50% by the end of the season. The good news is that thanks to my above average score it has boosted me by a full percentage point since Week 28. I’m now on 150 picks correct out of 279 meaning that I have a strike rate of 53.7% going into the final quarter of the season. I’m nearer 55% than 50% right now so lets home it keeps going in a northerly direction. That concludes this Week 29 run down, the week 30 picks will be live on Thursday so be sure to return. Until then.

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