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Premier League Predictions – Week 27 (Review)

After the goings on at The Etihad last night which were no doubt overshadowed by the incredible scenes at The Nou Camp the gameweek has finally come to a conclusion and that in turn means it’s time to wrap up the Premier League Predictions. We left it at 6 out of 10 before Wednesday, here is a brief recap below


Manchester United vs Bournemouth – Manchester United Win NO

Leicester vs Hull – Leicester Win YES

Stoke vs Middlesbrough – Draw NO

Swansea vs Burnley – Swansea Win YES

Watford vs Southampton – Southampton Win YES

West Brom vs Crystal Palace – West Brom Win NO

Liverpool vs Arsenal – Draw NO


Tottenham vs Everton – Tottenham Win YES

Sunderland vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES


West Ham vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES

Therefore the only question left to ask was could a Manchester City win make it 7 out of 11? The answer was…


Manchester City vs Stoke – Manchester City Win NO

No it coud not, Stoke’s stubborness saw them hold out at The Etihad to earn a spirited draw. That would doubt be much to the disgust of FPL managers across the world as a lot of them would have plumped for the Aguero Triple Captain, anyway enough about FPL lets worrry about the maths part. I am now on 142 predictions correct out of 269, which gives me a strike rate of 52.78%. The dream of getting to the hallowed 60% mark looks unlikely, we may well have to downgrade to a 55% target….ok 50% target.

There is an incredibly curtailed Premier League programme of just four matches this weekend as the F.A. Cup once again rears it’s ugly head but fear not readers that still means there are games to predict so they will follow in due course (Thursday Morning), so do keep an eye out for them. Until then.

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