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Premier League Predictions – Week 26 (Review)

Well look what we have here, a sensational week of tipping if I do not say so myself. It may not have been a full week of Premier League action but that does not mean the tips are any less important, there is no point blowing my own trumpet for any longer let’s know have a look how I performed over the course of this long weekend


Chelsea vs Swansea – Chelsea Win YES

Crystal Palace vs Middlesbrough – Crystal Palace Win YES

Everton vs Sunderland – Everton Win YES

Hull vs Burnley – Hull Win NO

West Brom vs Bournemouth – West Brom Win YES

Watford vs West Ham – Draw YES


Tottenham vs Stoke – Tottenham Win YES


Leicester vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win NO

There we have 6 out of 8 not bad at all. A 75% success rate for the week, not quite the best of the season as early on there was an 8 out of 10 week (those were the days) but still a very solid run of picks there. It was only a late Burnley equaliser that stopped me from getting a Saturday clean sweep, that will have done wonders for the strike rate also.

That now stands at 136 out of 258 correct picks which is a percentage of 52.7%, that has seen an increase of 0.7% since Week 25. With 12 game weeks to go the target of hitting looks like it might be out of touch, to do so I would need to get 92 of the last 122 matches correct, therefore hitting 8 out of 10 every week until the end of the season. Best get my serious tipping hat on if that is going to happen.

A full weekend of Premier League action retutns this weekend and of course that means there will be more tips for Week 27 on Thursday when I will give another round of Premier League Predictions, until then.

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