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Premier League Predictions – Week 25 (Review)

It was a very impressive 7 out of 10 last weekend in terms of my Premier League Predictions, unfortunately though I have a sneaky feeling that may well be a flash in the pan after the goings on of the past few days. So without further ado let’s now see how I fared during Week 25


Arsenal vs Hull – Arsenal Win YES

Manchester United vs Watford – Manchester United Win YES

Middlesbrough vs Everton – Everton Win NO

Stoke vs Crystal Palace – Draw NO

Sunderland vs Southampton – Draw NO

West Ham vs West Brom – West Brom Win NO

Liverpool vs Tottenham – Draw NO


Burnley vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win NO

Swansea vs Leicester – Swansea Win YES


Bournemouth vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES

Yes as expected it was not going to reach the heady heights of last week, just a lower mid table 4 out of 10 this week. Chelsea and Everton’s away draws being the particular coupon busters but in hindsight there were some poor picks. Not a good week and it now means i’m on 130/250, which for all you maths fans is exactly 52% picks correct. That has shaved 0.5% of my strike rate since last week and we are now further away from the target of 60%. No Premier League action because the F.A. Cup rears it’s ugly head again, so I’ll be back next Thursday with Week 26’s picks. Until then.

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