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Premier League Predictions – Week 23

We may have had a brief hiatus after the F.A. Cup action over the weekend but thankfully the Premier League returns with a round of midweek action this week and that means it is once again time for another round of Premier League Predictions. Last week bought 6 out of 10, let’s see if I can fare better this time around, so without further ado here is my offering for Week 23


Arsenal vs Watford – Arsenal Win

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace – Draw

Burnley vs Leicester – Burnley Win

Middlesbrough vs West Brom – West Brom Win

Sunderland vs Tottenham – Tottenham Win

Swansea vs Southampton – Draw

Liverpool vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win


West Ham vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win

Manchester United vs Hull – Manchester United Win

Stoke vs Everton – Everton Win

That’s what I think will happen over the course of the next two nights, what do you think will happen? Please leave your comments below. As always best of luck if you follow these tips. Place your bets now!

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