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Premier League Predictions – Week 16 (Review)

After last week’s Predictions drubbing the fixtures have come around too quickly for me to dwell on matters and with there being no rest for the wicked it means it’s time to review the Week 16 predictions.


Bournemouth vs Leicester – Leicester Win NO

Everton vs Arsenal – Arsenal Win NO


Middlesbrough vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win YES

Sunderland vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES

West Ham vs Burnley – Draw NO

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win YES

Manchester City vs Watford – Manchester City Win YES

Stoke vs Southampton – Stoke Win NO

Tottenham vs Hull – Tottenham Win YES

West Brom vs Swansea – West Brom Win YES

Well thank God for that. I guess it’s like the equivalent of a new manager coming in and then team getting a boost in morale, the question now is whether this is just the exception rather than the rule. A solid 6 out of 10 although in fairness they didn’t seem the hardest picks to make this week. That said a solid score is a solid score so let’s not take the gloss off of matters.
That means I’m now on a total of 80 out of 160 which for all you maths fans is a strike rate of exactly 50%. Week 17 fixtures are right around the corner so those predictions will follow later on. Make sure to keep an eye out for them. Until then.

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