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Premier League Predictions – Week 10 (Review)

Week 10 of the Premier League season is now in the history books, were my predictions a success or somewhat of a Halloween horror show, without further ado lets take a look


Sunderland vs Arsenal –  Arsenal Win YES

Manchester United vs Burnley – Manchester United Win NO

Middlesbrough vs Bournemouth – Bournemouth Win NO

Tottenham vs Leicester – Tottenham Win NO

Watford vs Hull – Watford Win YES

West Brom vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES

Crystal Palace vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win YES


Everton vs West Ham – Everton Win YES

Southampton vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES


Stoke vs Swansea – Draw NO

A just above average 6 out of 10 this week, Manchester United’s draw at home being the most obvious coupon buster while Tottenham and Bournemouth’s failure to win also took a couple of correct picks out of my hands. That means overall I’m on 59 out of 100, which you guessed it maths fans is 59%. So running at just short of 6 out of 10 each week.

I’ll be back with my Week 11 predictions on Thursday, until then.


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