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Matched Betting – An Easy Introduction

Matched Betting – An Easy Introduction

Matched betting represents a great way to make risk free cash from bookmakers by using the bonuses that they offer customers to encourage them to bet. It’s been featured in the Guardian and Huffington Post as a great way to supplement your income by between £500 – £1000 per month. Read on for more information about just how matched betting works and how you could benefit.


How Does Matched Betting Work?

Matched betting requires you to place 2 bets, one at a bookmaker and one at a betting exchange to cover every outcome of an event to lock in a guaranteed profit. You cover all outcomes because at the betting exchange you are taking a bet known as laying. The result if you win at the bookmakers you lose at the exchange and if you lose at the exchange, you win at the bookmakers. If you were doing this with just your own money you would come out even. However if you utilize bookmaker bonuses, you can extract these for a guaranteed profit.


How do You Make Money?

By using bonuses you can lock in a profit on your bets. If you open a new account a bookmaker might give you a £50 free bet when you place a £50 bet. To gain access to the £50 free bet, you need to place a £50 bet with your own money. To do this you place a bet at the bookmaker and a bet at the exchange so that you don’t lose any money, but don’t make any either. You then repeat the process with the free bet, but because you are betting with the bookmakers money and not your own, you lock in a profit regardless of the result.


How Much Can You Make?

You can make around £1,200 from sign up offers alone and can expect to complete this within your first month of matched betting. After that you can take advantage of ongoing offers know as reloads. You can expect to make around £500 per month from these offers.

How do I Get Started?

A website that makes things much easier is Yesbets, you can join them for a free account and complete a couple of offers to make around £40 profit. You can check out reviews on their service on trust pilot. Yesbets source all the offers, tell you what to bet on and how much as well as keeping a track of your bets, balances and profit for you, so no need to fill out spreadsheets. They also offer step by step video instructions to help you get started and offer live chat. If you are interested in matched betting, they are well worth considering.



If you like the sound of earning an extra £500 per month in tax free income and having a lot of fun, give matched betting a try. Start small and build your way up the offers, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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