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Laurent draws a Blanc as PSG time comes to an end

Laurent Blanc has left perennial French champions PSG after three seasons in charge with failure to win the Champions League during that spell cited as the main reason behind his departure.

It’s all very well winning Ligue 1 by 30 plus points this season and hoovering up everything before them on a domestic level but the reason the Qatari owners bought into the club was for European dominance and they are yet to get their hands on a coveted Champions League trophy

Blanc himself only signed a new 2 year contract back in February but his failure to make any real inroads in European competition has been his undoing. This season they only made it as far as the quarter finals with Manchester City being the side to knock them out

From that point onwards the talk was on whether or not Blanc would see out that 2 year deal with a whole host of managers being lined up to take over from the former Manchester United, Barcelona and Inter Milan Defender

And with Blanc departing the question now is who will be taking over. Unai Emery is believed to be the hot favourite. He in the same timeframe that Blanc has won 3 Ligue 1 titles has won a hat-trick of Europa League titles.

It’s those wins at European level which makes him so attractive to PSG’s Qatari owners and they will then look for him to bring European glory to the Stade De France but this time it won’t be Europa League titles required it will be Champions League trophies demanded

But does it almost become the impossible task. Running roughshod over Ligue 1 week in week out doesn’t then give you the best preparations for meeting a side such as Real Madrid or Barcelona. Have PSG made a rod for all the investment that has been ploughed into the club.

If Emery is the next man to have a crack at trying to bring a Champions League trophy to Paris then you get the feeling that it’s not going to take something extra special for him to complete the task. You can understand him making the move from Sevilla to PSG but that will come with big hopes and almost unachievable expectations

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