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Is Rodgers set to Swan back to The Liberty Stadium?

If you are to believe some sources then it seems that could very well be the case. It has been reported in the Daily Express that Brendan Rodgers is set to return to Swansea and take charge from the 2016/17 campaign onwards.

Sacked by Liverpool in October after a less than impressive start to the season, who was initially linked with the departure of Garry Monk back in December. At the time it seemed as if the job came around too quickly for Rodgers but now after being well rested it seems as the Northern Irishman is ready to get back into a Premier League hotseat.

Swansea have all but secured their Premier League status thanks to the work of Francesco Guidolin and  Alan Curtis. Curtis was the initial replacement for Garry Monk but it was felt a helping hand was needed by Chairman Huw Jenkins whose decision to now bring in the addition of Guidolin as Head Coach seems an inspired one.

So it seems as if that Guidolin has kept the seat warm for Rodgers. Playing Devil’s Advocate here, did Rodgers perhaps not want the job when it first become available because he didn’t think of Swansea as an attractive enough proposition.

Swansea battling relegation and seemingly in real  trouble of going down, did Rodgers not perhaps want the risk of a relegation on his C.V., or is it a case of all these “offers from abroad” never really materialised and Rodgers knows he has to get back into the cut and thrust of management sooner rather than later before he becomes a forgotten man.

All interesting theories and to be fair they are exactly that, maybe after managing Liverpool he felt 2 months was too soon to be thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire but I personally do get the sense that he has waited on Swansea’s Premier League survival before declaring an interest for the job.

Is it smart? maybe, Is it clever?, perhaps, Is it Brendan Rodgers?, definitely

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