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If Tottenham went through Predictive Text

So the first in a new series which is inspired by the excellent BT Sport show “Baker and Kelly’s V.S.P.O” I’ve decided to see what teams would look like if they went through the ringer of predictive text. First up the almighty Tottenham and their starting XI against Southampton last Saturday. So without further ado here is how they line up:


Lois (Lloris)

Dire (Dier)


Zion (Fazio)

Veronghen (Vertonghen)




Arisen (Eriksen)



This how they lined up – I like the look of Dire at Right Back, with French Women’s Football International Goalkeeper Lois in Goal. Also let’s hope Tottenham are Arisen from their slumber upfront and go onto victory


If you want me to do any other teams to see how they are changed once we put them through the Predictive Text then feel free to give me some suggestions. Tottenham was probably not the best example but I’m sure there’ll be some more wilder ones out there. Phones at the ready…


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