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Hulk Cash as Zenit star joins Chinese exodus

Brazilian Striker Hulk is set to be the next man to join the great talent purge to China with a move to Shanghai SIPG imminent. The 29 year old who currently plays for Zenit St Petersburg and has been long time linked with Chelsea and Tottenham will move to the club managed by Sven Goran Eriksson for a staggering £41.5m.

That fee would become a record in Chinese Football, dwarfing the £38.4m that Jiangsu Suning paid for Alex Teixeira to move from Shakhtar Donetsk earlier on in the year. It would also be another massive coup for the burgeoning Chinese Super League

Hulk is now set to join up with former England Manager Sven Goran Eriksson and join an ever growing list of top talent that is moving away from Europe to join the riches on offer in China. To be fair to Hulk with the money that is being offered to him you can hardly blame him or anyone else for that matter that makes the move to China but you can’t half feel that it’s a waste of talent

It’s all very well this marquee signings going to China but there is going to be such a disparity in talent between someone like Hulk and a Chinese homegrown player that you wonder how team cohesion will work. It’s almost like Real Madrid’s Zidane y Pavon plans but on a massive scale, that was the brain child of Florentino Perez in where Galacticos would play alongside home grown academy players but for all the glitz and glamour it makes it very hard to actually fuse a successful team from it

But with China’s plans to be become a Footballing global superpower in 2050 it’s very apparent that they have money to burn and Hulk definitely won’t be the last player to make the move from Europe. If they keep this rate of signings up then eventually it will surpass the MLS and then the next inroads will be the major European Leagues

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