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How to Watch Premier League Live Sports Kodi 2015 – An absolute game changer

Now I must admit this isn’t my guide but it is definitely worth sharing. If anyone is familiar with Kodi’s open source software then this is a really decent piece of kit when you don’t want to pay or can’t afford Sky. (That and it’s available worldwide on many platforms).

If you download the Kodi software from here http://kodi.tv/download/ this then enables you to install lots and lots (I mean lots) of add-ons which will enable you to watch pretty much any major game which is being shown around the world. Basically if there is a stream of it somewhere then it can be found.

Now obviously this software isn’t foolproof and requires constant updating due to the nature of streams, so if you want something that is plug and play then get a Sky subscription but if you fancy dabbling with IPTV and the multitude of possibilities that come with it then Kodi is the software you want.

The genius part or person I should say is SEO Michael who has crafted this incredible web page telling you how to download all the major add-ons to show live Football for FREE in time for the new season. Now again not all streams will work all of the time and you will need a relatively decent internet connection in which to do so, so again it comes with some caveats but if you want to bin off your Sky and BT subscriptions because the cost is too prohibitive then this link will tell you all you need to know.


The add-ons are really easy to install with this step by step guide, especially once you install a couple then you are just following the same steps each time (with a few variations), so if you were to sit down and play about with it on Saturday afternoon you could be watching the German Supercup, F.A. Community Shield and some Belgian League football for free later that weekend.

I am in no way connected to this website that I’m linking, I just think it’s a really good tool for football streaming. Not perfect but then again if it’s not directly through a T.V. then what is?.

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