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Guest Article – A Chelsea fans view of the season so far

It’s the third in my new series of Guest Articles here at RealFootballMan after two guest articles last month it’s now time for my third new signing Hernell Dyer. Hernell is the creator of http://simpleunimpressiverealness.com/ and today he has written a piece regarding Chelsea’s season from a fan perspective.
Over to you Hernell

The Premier League season has been one of the most unpredictable in recent memory. With no clear leader of the pack thus far fixtures from week to week have become even more important, even more unpredictable. With the Manchester United’s and Liverpools of the world taking on negative results seemingly every weekend teams like Leicester and Tottenham have finally had their time to shine.

Simply put the Premier League is a strange beast this season. No team knows this better than the reigning champions Chelsea FC.  Currently sitting in 12th place a whopping 20 points of the leader needless to say the club is in disarray. After missing out on a few key signings in Paul Pogba & John Stones this summer and only coming into camp with a beaten down Radamel Falcao as their key signing most supporters had an idea that this season would be a bit tougher than last but no would have imagined us sitting currently 12th in the table. Not even an Arsenal fan wouldn’t have even predicted that for the boys in blue before the season began.

Fresh off a 2-1 first leg loss to PSG  Chelsea are in a tailspin. Loss after loss after loss it’s not clear how many of these my blue heart can take. As a die hard Blue through and through I would never desert my club especially at a time like this, but my God could they have let us fans down any easier. Last year we were wire to wire Premier league winners as well as winners of the Capital One cup.

This year’s fall from grace was as abrupt as any. Where did the problem begin? How could this have happened to a team that reminded us of the invincible just a season ago? Two Words. Juan Cuadrado. The purchase of Cuadrado during the January transfer window last season was nothing more than a billionaire flexing his financial muscle because he can. The team was perfect! There was no need for another 1st team talent,

Chelsea had barely come off its first Premier League loss of the season in December. So why Cuadrado when Willian and Oscar were playing beautifully. GREED. Eratha Kitt once said “Greed is so destructive, It destroys everything”. I have to agree! It didn’t destroy the team that year but the £23 million buy and subsequent failure of the unused player goes on to haunt the squad until this day. That £23 million could have been put towards finishing the Stones deal or used to lure Pogba from Italy but instead we ended the summer with nothing more than a washed up striker.

When will Chelsea turn this around? I have no idea but one thing is for sure, Abramovich won’t stand for this. After firing Jose Mourinho and not extending the heart and souls of the squad John Terry it’s obvious this billionaire means business. It’s not clear what needs happen with the blues next but it needs to happen now. This season’s chance for trophies is all but over, the question here lies in the future.

What’s next? Who’s Next? Where do we go from here? Although I’m sure Abramovich will splash the proverbial cash this summer on whomever he can get his hands on I’m not sure that will be enough. Until then grab a glass and let’s enjoy this crazy year of football because that’s what real football fans do.

Thanks for that Hernell some real impassioned words their from the Chelsea fanbase. Will they manage to overturn their slender 1st leg deficit in their Champions League tie vs PSG, it’s certainly all to play for

So that concludes the third of the new series of guest articles. If you would like to have any content posted on here then please feel free to contact me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com and hopefully we can get something of yours up as well.

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