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Gary Neville’s stock slumps even further as Valencia hit for 7 (Seven)

As I alluded to on Monday after Valencia’s defeat to Sporting Gijon, Gary Neville’s stock is taking a hammering – you can read the article in full here: http://realfootballman.com/2016/02/01/is-gary-nevilles-stock-falling-by-the-week/

After last nights result if I was investing in Gary Neville I would try and sell off my shares and try and recoup some of my losses because with that 7-0 drubbing to Barcelona I think that has all but killed off any aspirations of him being a long term Manager.

Will Gary Neville ever manage again after this or has this devalued his stock completely. If that is the case and he was set to be the next England Manager then who gets that job. Is it Alan Pardew? – There’s only 4 English Managers in the Premier League. Pardew, Howe, Allardyce and McClaren with McClaren already having an ill fated crack at the job. We may have a good crop of players coming through but the same can’t be said about the Managers.

You do have to give him credit for taking the opportunity and although people will say he’s only doing it to help out Peter Lim, I bet Neville will be wishing he hadn’t left the comforts of Sky and Peter Lim is probably starting to regret this decision.

Their only hope of silverware and European Football again next season is by winning the Europa League, on the evidence of how Valencia have been playing as of late I think that’s going to be quite a tall order.

It seems as if Neville will be back in the Sky Studios with his tail between his legs come August but does this awful stint at Valencia Manager even make that role slightly untenable, this after all is the main pundit at Sky and arguably the most critical voice in terms of punditry that the UK has to offer. It makes it very hard to pour scorn over others when you’ve failed miserably yourself.

And finally can the UK media stop referring to the club as “Gary Neville’s Valencia” anyone would think that they’ve made an official name change. Valencia will do just fine, or perhaps Valencia Nil if this runs continues.

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