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Footballers With Top Knots – Update

Not a signing but a massive step forward in the creation of F.C. Top Knot. I have purchased Football Manager 2015 (for only £10 as well – bargain!) ultimately this means I can now get cracking with creating the team and building the squad.

I’m not sure on the parameters I will need to make the squad as obviously the reputation will have to be big enough to keep mega stars like Zlatan happy enough to stay at the club. I may have to do some trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t

But we are one step closer to getting the team up and running, I think I will cap it at 22 players otherwise we will never get the thing off the ground so as always if you come across any last few Top Knots let me know on here or using the hashtag #FootballersWithTopKnots – the hunt continues!

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