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Football League to be rebranded as ‘EFL’ at the end of the season

The Football League is to be renamed the “English Football League” (EFL) from the end of the 2015-16 season.

The EFL will have a new logo as part of its rebranding.

But the individual league titles of the Championship, League One and League Two – introduced in 2004 – will remain.

“The new EFL name rightly emphasises the central role our clubs play at the heart of English professional football,” Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey said.

“We believe the EFL name and brand will give our competitions an identity that is new and distinct, while at the same time retaining our unique heritage.”

Clubs, stakeholders, commercial partners and more than 18,000 fans have been involved in a consultation process prior to Thursday’s announcement.

Editor’s Note: What an awful suggestion, as the first ever Football League it should keep it’s title as “The Football League”, it’s just another Americanism creeping into UK sport. This isn’t being Xenophobic it just sounds bloody awful.

I mean how is this going to sound for example: Sky Bet English Football League Championship – sounds a right mess if you ask me. I mean it’s bad enough people refer to the Premier League as EPL, so this just sounds like a poor imitation. 

Still I suppose you can’t beat “progress” I guess, whether this is a change for the better is unknown but then again I still don’t understand how League One is the 3rd tier of English Football. Change for changes sake if you ask me.

Oh well I doubt I’ll lose too much sleep about it as Tottenham won’t be playing in it next season, although Chelsea on the other hand….

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