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Football INDEX – Take Zlat And Party

It’s been a while since my last Football INDEX update and people may have been wondering whether or not I had moved to The Bahamas off the back of my wonderful investment strategy. Unfortunately that has not been the case, that said though we here at Real Football Man Investments are still in a healthy enough position.

Don’t forget that all my life’s earnings (ok not quite) are tied up in Zlatan Ibrahimovic and I’m not going to lie I did hit the panic button when he was handed the three match ban for elbowing Tyrone Mings. Would people be in a rush to cash in after the mercurial Swede was breaking a £6 share price, it was crazy at the pace in which he was rising each day. It had to come to an end at some point and it eventually did thanks to the Football Association.

Here is what my portfolio looked like in my last update

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £5.83 – 2 Shares – Total Worth – £11.66 and a £1.32 reserve. Total portfolio is now £12.98

Now this update was created on the 2nd of March so it’s been a fair few weeks, a mixture of Zlatban (I made that) and the international break has meant that I’ve been a bit update lax but he did break the £6 mark earlier in the month and at one point I was looking at 50% increase on the Zlatan price from when I first purchased him at £4.10. Now it has steadied slightly but here is what he is currently at

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £5.91 – 2 Shares – Total Worth – £11.82 and a £1.52 reserve. Total portfolio is now £13.34

So even after the maelstrom that Zlatban created I’ve still come away with an increase, certainly no complaints from my end but more importantly here are the stats for my portfolio

33.4% ROI

Zlatan’s share price has gone up by 44.15% since I purchased him

My portfolio has increased by 49.89% since I put all my faith in Zlatan

I’m sure you will all agree that is a very healthy set of figures

More importantly though it’s not too late to get involved with a quarter of the season still to go, you can sign to start your own Football INDEX portfolio and also make some big money.

For example purposes I’ve only put in a tenner but obviously the more you put in the more you can get out of it. So I would recommend a starting investment of £50 if you really want to see some solid returns.

Best of luck and always invest in Zlatan!

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