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FireFan Premier League App Launch Date Update

Hello all,

Firstly thanks for opening the article and stopping by but secondly and more importantly I have some all important news about the FireFan App that I've been promoting over the last month or so.

I can now reveal that I have a launch date for it and that date is......November 21st

Just 9 days away now before we go live!

Details have been a bit thin on the ground but I can now reveal more about what the app actually entails

The app is going to be used during Premier League matches and if you can correctly predict what will happen during live match situations then you can win points and more importantly PRIZES!!

The good news is that when you download the app from the app store you will get a bonus of 12 starter tokens to use from the off.

So as exciting as it sounds to get involved it will be even better to play against friends and this where you guys come in.

The game element is the leaderboards and competing against friends in own leagues etc. So in a sense like how you would go up against your friends in a Fantasy Football game only this is based more on match day predictions and in game action 

If you can not only sign up but share this link with you friends then it will make the whole game experience even better


They to can not only get involved to play against you and create some friendly competition but they can also earn the 12 bonus tokens.

So please feel free to share the link to anyone who you may think will want to play also, it's open to absolutely everyone!

Thanks for your time and I hope you get involved



  1. hate to break it to you but football (the real football) – will not be featured in the app on launch day… I hope they add it soon

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