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F.C. Top Knot – 2016/17 Season Preview

So after back to back promotions and also double silverware in each season, the promised land of the Football League awaits F.C. Top Knot. Can the footballing juggernaut be stopped? – well it could possibly well be.

Firstly just to recap at the time of press the manager and player of the season awards hadn’t been announced, as predicted Zlatan Ibrahimovic got the Vanarama Conference Player Of The Season award but amazingly John Still of Barnet scooped the manager award. I mean never mind the fact I won 9 out of the 10 monthly awards or anything like that, maybe when it came to the voting the other people just took a dislike to my managerial skills and decided not to give me any more accolades.

As for the club, we may be hitting a bit of a potential roadblock. The wage bill has been absolutely staggering, the club is spending something like £1.8m a WEEK on wages. Zlatan is taking home £325k on his own (ultimately he’s worth but he is a massive drain on the club finances especially when you factor in his goal bonus as well). Because of this I have exceeded the League 2 financial fair play rules and have been hit with a transfer embargo. Now this isn’t the end of the world as I don’t actually plan to sign any players but it also means I can’t renew any more contracts at the moment which means all my youth team players could walk away from the club.

In the short term this isn’t a massive problem especially if I get promoted this season as the strings will be loosened slightly but ultimately if players start to retire then I won’t be able to plug the gaps, so there could be an issue in say 2 or 3 seasons time.

To be totally transparent I have had to add another £100m to the club coffers – but this is simply to keep the wages being paid as I’m not spending anything on transfers, also this season I had to raise all the morale to superb again for the start of the season as a lot of bids came in for players which obviously I had to refuse but this massively affected morale. As no-one is leaving the club I felt it unfair to have a demotivated team at the start of the season. But this is the only time I will touch the morale throughout the season.

The good news is that on the pitch they don’t seem ready to stop as we beat Cambridge 8-2!! on the opening day of the season and registered 15 points from 15, the only downside was a comprehensive defeat away to West Bromwich Albion in the first round of the League Cup. So can F.C. Top Knot fight off the financial shackles and win a 3rd successive division in a row or will the foundations made of sand finally catch up with them?. There’s only 1 way to find out.

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