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England vs Japan Women’s World Cup – A Few Quick Thoughts


I’ll keep this article relatively short and sweet as I don’t proclaim nor do I want to be an expert on Women’s Football but here are my thoughts on what transpired in the early hours of the Morning.

  • Let’s be the honest if you took away the spectacle of the game then it wasn’t really a great game was it. Yes it had drama and heartbreak but the actual quality of Football wasn’t great. This isn’t me beating Women’s Football with a stick but if this was meant to be the pinnacle of the sport then it wasn’t the greatest on pitch advert.
  • A really sloppy Penalty for England to give away – caught out of position and then the England Defender draped both arms over the Japanese attacker, that’s a Penalty all day long at any level of the game. The run up for the Japanese Penalty was somewhat different was sort of hoping that it would then be saved after all the bravado but alas it wasn’t and Japan went ahead.
  • Talking of Penalties, England’s one was incredibly soft. If Japan’s was a stonewall one then this one was made of paper mache, the England player just seemed to crumble under the slightest brush of contact. A stroke of luck for England there.
  • England should have and did have chances to beat Japan, their pressing game was really paying dividends late on but their finishing seemed to let me down. But they did have another 30 minutes extra time to finally finish the Japanese off…didn’t they?
  • Well what can you say about that Own Goal but WOW!
  • Brave….maybe
  • Naive….possibly
  • Unlucky….probably
  • Hilarious…definately
  • Obviously a horrible way to crash out of any tournament but probably the most English way in which you could. More frustratingly for me is the fact as that they didn’t have to go gung ho late on to snatch a winner, Japan were flailing and all England had to do was get to extra time and I’m pretty sure they would have gone on to win. I know there are no certainties in Football but surely getting to extra time and then gambling is a far less crueler way to crash out of a World Cup.

Anyway that sums up my only World Cup viewing. Don’t expect me to review the Final or anything because I won’t be

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