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In a remarkable twist or is it a remarkable twist of a twist? Fabian Delph looks set to move to Manchester City after changing his mind for a second time.

The Aston Villa midfielder was all set to make the move last weekend, when he was expected to have a medical and complete the transfer in time to join the Blues on their pre-season tour to Australia.

But that deal fell apart on Saturday morning when Delph announced he had changed his mind and would be staying at Villa.

Now, it seems, the England player has decided to go ahead with the original move after unconfirmed reports that he was having a medical in Wilmslow.

Editor’s Note: Has the potential move of Christian Benteke to Liverpool managed to convince Delph that Aston Villa might not be the best place for him next season. If they are losing their main goal threat then they look like they could be in for another difficult season at Villa Park. Is Delph becoming a rat off a sinking ship?, will the last one to leave Aston Villa please turn off the lights. From a Manchester City point of view at least they addressing the problem of not having enough home grown players in their squad, although it has cost them nearly £60m to only part rectify the issue. How much more will they have to spend to get their quota fully stocked, they need another 3 players so we could be looking at roughly £20m in terms of extra outlay.

Again like John Stones and his potential move to Chelsea this could be another case of a bright young England talent now warming the bench for a bigger club. Is it good for his personal development, well not if he becomes another Scott Sinclair but the England big wigs must have some cause for concern that their seems to be a stockpiling of the best of England’s talent between only 4 or 5 clubs.

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