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Could Rafa Benitez be sacked this Evening?

Could Rafa Benitez, be set to get the sack tonight as a press conference has been announced this Evening, after the 4-0 drubbing by Barcelona on Saturday there has been reports that Cristiano Ronaldo has said “Either he goes or I do”

If Cristiano Ronaldo does get his way then it will mean Benitez has seen less than 6 months in charge of Real Madrid. People may think this is a harsh decision as they’ve only lost 2 games all season (Sevilla and Barcelona) but it was the manner in which they were soundly beaten that will rankle Florentino Perez the most.

Could this mean that Real Madrid B coach Zinedine Zidane is set to take over, what other candidates could be lined up though, it seems that Los Blancos have burnt all their bridges in terms of managers. The business philosophy is second to none but the Football side is not at the same level. Real Madrid have only delivered 1 title in 7 years under Florentino Perez’s reign – not a good enough return for a club of their stature.

Will it be a vote of confidence by Perez for Bentiez – if so that’s not necessarily good news as both Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti got the dreaded vote before getting the sack soon after. All the answers to the above will be clarified later but no doubt it will also create a lot more questions.

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