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#BringAndyBack – The campaign continues

The campaign is now in it’s 3rd day and all I can is the progress in which has been made is nothing short of astonishing. Stars from the world of Football including none other than his ex-Everton team mate Neville Southall and Broadcasting peer Alexei Lalas have thrown their full weight behind the campaign to bring the best ever pundit to grace U.K. Television Home.

Andy is currently Footballs version of Terry Waite only he isn’t being held captive by Hezbollah he is being held captive by Richard Keys. The glint in Andy’s eyes that once shined when talking tactics is fading away but I know if we can get him back to Sky then the fire will reignite.

You are probably asking “How I can help” – simply share the hashtag #BringAndyBack on twitter and the firestorm that is currently raging will be so strong that together we can bring Andy back “Home”

Please don’t delay, he needs us as much as we need him.



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