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Bolton begin to imagine life without Lennon

It was announced earlier that Neil Lennon and Bolton have parted company by mutual consent. With the side bottom of The Championship and 11 points from safety it can’t have come as the greatest of surprises to anyone when the news broke at Lunchtime.

With Dean Holdsworth’s consortium of owners taking over the club recently maybe it was felt that they would like a new man in at the helm as they prepare for life in League One next season. After saving the club from the financial turmoil they were in I guess they do have the right to decide whether Lennon was to stay in charge of Bolton or not.

Although they are 11 points adrift you do have to wonder how much was that because of bad management or how much was that due to the financial hamstrings that were seemingly placed on Lennon. Players not getting paid on time was all too common at The Macron Stadium this season and that coupled with a non existent transfer budget certainly wouldn’t have helped him.

Could you also point to the fact that maybe Neil Lennon’s stock wasn’t at as high as first thought, yes he may have had a large period of success at Celtic in which he won 3 Scottish League Titles and 2 Scottish Cups but this is a period of being the only horse in a one horse race so maybe Lennon has been found out it here.

I think if you were to put the blame on Lennon or the lack of funds I would reckon it’s somewhere probably between the two. Will Lennon’s stock now be devalued after taking a team all but down to League One, where does he manage next? Perhaps if he bides his time he could be the next Northen Ireland Manager after Euro 2016?

But for now I would expect Lennon to be doing the punditry circuit until his next appointment. As for whoever takes over at Bolton it depends who has got big enough guts for an ever bigger job to turn this fallen Northern giant around


  1. Maybe Bolton are looking for a cheaper option?

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