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Bielsa bails from Lazio after just 2 days in charge

There have been many well documented short managerial stints across the history of Football, the most infamous being Brian Clough’s ill faed stint as Leeds United manager which lead to the book and subsequent film ‘The Damned United’. Well we could very well have a contender to that as Marcelo Bielsa throws his hat into the ring with an incredibly short managerial stint.

It was only on Wednesday that the Argentine was named as a replacement for Stefano Pioli, who was sacked back in April. But by Friday Bielsa had announced his departure from the Serie A club. If you’re doing the maths while reading this that is a total of 2 days

I don’t think it’s the shortest managerial stint especially in Serie A as managers can be hired,fired and rehired within a matter of hours but the departure of Bielsa would have certainly raised some eyebrows across the footballing world.

If the headline was ‘Lazio Manager quits after 2 days’ then that would obviously get your interest but if you were to read further on that the man in question was Marcelo Bielsa then that may not actually come as a total suprise

This is someone who lives and breathes football. I mean we all do but this man REALLY lives it, if things aren’t exactly to his requirements then he will have no qualms of walking away from whatever job he is in. His time at Athletic Bilbao was mired with rows even at one time venting his anger at a construction company who were carrying out works on Athletic’s training ground

He is well known for his pressing style some say that he is The Godfather of that style where everything has evolved from Bielsa himself. It’s well documented that the style of play demands high levels of physical exertion, his Athletic side were impressive on their run to the 2012 Europa League Final but had nothing in the tank by the time they were well beaten by Atletico Madrid

Such were the demands on his players that season that when Fernando Llorente joined up with the Spanish camp for that Summer’s European Championship, Vicente Del Bosque only had to take one look at him in training and decided that Llorente would be too tired to make any contribution during that tournament.

It really is all or nothing with Bielsa and once again he seems happy with nothing. Although I imagine the Lazio players are secretly breathing a sigh of relief that they now don’t have to go through an exhausting pre-season campaign. Bielsa will certainly crop up elsewhere this season and whichever club does gain his services will be very lucky, that is if he decides to stay around.

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