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How To Bet On Over 2.5 Goals In Soccer

Soccer betting involves many different types of wagers. While some are easy and simple, others are a bit complicated. Some are popular with all punters while others are bet on by only a handful. Betting on over 2.5 goals is one such wager which is as popular as it is easy. Simply speaking in this bet, punters have to just predict the total number of goals that will be scored in a game. With accurate soccer tipsters prediction easily available with tipsters, punters can very easily predict whether the number of goals scored in a match will be:

  • Over 2.5 i.e. 3 or more or
  • Under 2.5 i.e. 2 or less.

The actual winner does not need to be predicted and there is no concept of a draw in this bet. Thus a punter either wins or loses a bet depending on what the final score of the match is.

Why not over 3 goals

The over 2.5 goals soccer bet seems somewhat strange if one is not aware of the logic behind the same. As explained by well known tipsters like Predictz, the decimal component of this bet has been added to clear any ambiguity which would arise if the match ended with a total of exactly 3 goals.

Thus the use of the term over 2.5 goals clears any discrepancy that is likely to arise since there can never be a half goal in soccer. This logic also holds true for under 3 goals bet.

While the over 2.5 goals soccer predictions are quite common in the European betting market, the Asian markets follow a slightly different pattern. There it is known as the over 3 goal line bet and in instances wherein the match ends in exactly 3 goals; the Asian betting market initiates the process of a refund for all punters who had bet for the same.

A comparison between the two bets taking place in the two different betting markets shows that the winning amount is much higher in the over 2.5 goal soccer bet. Thus tipster websites like Predictz  prefer offering predictions for the same rather than cater to the Asian over 3 goal line.

Betting strategy for over 2.5 goals

While most people think that predicting the result of the over 2.5 soccer bet is a result of accurate analysis of statistics, it is actually a combination of several factors. Some of these factors are data based, others circumstantial and while still others psychological and physical. Thus checking the data and the statistics related to an upcoming match is just the beginning of the process. Of course looking into the over 2.5 goals soccer predictions as given out by good tipster websites is definitely a dependable and easier method of predicting the results of this bet.

The fact that there are several punters who want to bet and win the over 2.5 goals bet is a clear indicator of the popularity that it enjoys. Good tipster websites like Predictz, thus have special experts to ensure a high level of accuracy of predictions for the same.

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