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Amsterdam Arena now set to be renamed Johan Cruyff Arena

After the sad passing of Johan Cruyff on Thursday the tributes have naturally been pouring in for one of the games greats. Firstly there was a 14th minute tribute on Friday in the game between Holland and France, a gesture it has just been announced will be replicated when they visit Wembley to play on England on Tuesday

But an ever greater tribute has been announced and one that will make sure that the name of Johan Cruyff is never forgotten. The KNVB (Dutch F.A.) have announced that the Amsterdam Arena will now be renamed the Johan Cruyff Arena. This means the name of Johan Cruyff will live on and be forever etsched in the memory of not only Dutch fans but Football fans all over the world.

There’s arguably no greater tribute than that, he may not be synonymous with that stadium itself as the club moved to the Amsterdam Arena back in 1996 but he is certainly goes hand in hand with the club that he guided 3 successive European Cups to from 1971 to 1973

He was already paid tribute to by The KNVB previously after having their version of the Community Shield named after him, that obviously was a living tribute but this is a much more grander gesture to the player that for so many made them fall in love with the game back in the 1970’s

It was certainly the case for many English fans who let’s not forget didn’t have the disposal to European Football that we have nowadays, most of them would have first seen their first glimpse of Cruyff when he carried out the eponymous Cruyff Turn back in 1974 and were duly besotted ever since.

The first real superstar of modern football, seeing him play in vivid technicolor would have been a joy to be behold mind blowing almost. Playing the game at a different speed to everyone else and making the game coming alive to people all over the world. The tributes will continue you to pour in and England will undoubtedly show their respect on Tuesday night.

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