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Alan Curtis confirmed as new Swansea Manager

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As I predicted on Tuesday, Alan Curtis has been named as the replacement for Garry Monk at Swansea until the end of the season. You can read the article from Tuesday here http://realfootballman.com/2016/01/05/is-alan-curtis-the-new-swansea-manager-by-default/

Ultimately it looks like all the leads that Huw Jenkins was following up have gone dry and he has now got to put his faith in Curtis who has been at the helm for the last 5 matches since in which they have only managed to win 1.

The Swans find themselves in 17th position in the Premier League and now the big question will be whether Huw Jenkins is willing to give any funds to Alan Curtis in a bid to secure top flight safety. It puts Curtis in a slightly untenable position when it comes to transfers, will he be allowed to purchase players even though he is in charge for 6 months or will he have to use his coaching ability and work with the players he already at his disposal.

There’s no doubting the talent there at Swansea but it’s also fair to say that this season especially since September the players haven’t been playing as good as they are capable of. In fairness there has been a slight lift since Curtis took over but that new Manager effect will have faded away now and the long hard battle of survival will kick in.

Whether Huw Jenkins has made the right decision remains to be seen but it seems as if the decision was made for him at the end of the day, the bigger question will be whether Swansea end up better without Garry Monk’s stewardship then they were with it. The next few months will answer that question.


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