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A few things we learned from last night

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So after Juventus drew 1-1 with Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu last night to progress to the Champions League Final and face Barcelona on June 6th, here are a few things we have learned from last night’s game.

Carlo Ancelotti will be shown the Bernabeu exit door in a matter of weeks if not days, the speculation for his successor starts now. Zinedine Zidane has supposedly been the successor in waiting, will Florentino Perez continue with this plan or will we see another cycle of upheaval at the Madrid club?

Real Madrid spent £195m on their front 3 and they get knocked out by their own academy player.

If I was Alvaro Morata I would have been going bonkers and letting every fan know I’ve just scored the goal which could probably knock you out of the Champions League.

Ronaldo straight off down the tunnel and not even shaking hands after going out…..you stay classy

Sergio Ramos needs to stop worrying about his hair as it was him who played Juventus onside in the build up for their equaliser.

Gareth Bale, come on mate it’s time to return home to Tottenham – they obviously don’t love you at Madrid anymore.

Iker Casillas is useless at throw ins. After his verbal spat with Real Madrid fans at the weekend, will he also find his way out of the club come the summer?.

What Real Madrid really need is to purchase some more Attacking Midfielders

It’s a shame Pepe won’t be going to the Champions League Final, actually no it’s not because he’s got a face you wouldn’t get bored of punching.

If Real Madrid are looking to utilise their “Special Relationship” with Tottenham this summer they are more than welcome to Benjamin Stambouli.

I’m glad that Juventus are through to the final as an all “El Clasico” Champions League Final would be pretty much unbearable not just on the pitch but the build up to it as well. “Messi v Ronaldo – who is better blah blah blah”.

Patrice Evra and Giorgio Chiellini vs Luis Suarez obviously writes itself, I’m not sure who is licking their lips the most.

Continuing on Patrice Evra (assuming he is fit) this will now be his 5th Champions League Final in his career.

Paul Pogba looked good last night, not £70m good. But good enough to make Manchester United fans quietly sob inside at the thought of Fergie letting him go for nothing a few years back.

English fans must be slightly worrying that this upward trajectory of Italian clubs in Europe is continuing. If it carries on at this trend then the Premier League’s 4th Champions League spot could be in danger in a few years time.

I think that’s about it, if you didn’t watch the game then you can find all the action on my blog post below. Thanks for reading (not Reading the Berkshire town I must add)


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