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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 19 (Review)

We’ve reached the halfway point of the season and it is now time to once again reflect how I have fared when it comes to Premier League predictions, I’ve been a pretty decent streak as of late but will there be plenty of Christmas cheer below? Let’s have a look shall we


Arsenal vs Liverpool – Draw YES


Everton vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win NO

Brighton vs Watford – Draw NO

Manchester City vs Bournemouth – Manchester City Win YES

Southampton vs Huddersfield – Draw YES

Stoke vs West Brom – West Brom Win NO

Swansea vs Crystal Palace – Draw YES

West Ham vs Newcastle – West Ham Win NO

Burnley vs Tottenham – Tottenham Win YES

Leicester vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win NO

A bang average five out of ten, undone by a couple of coupon busters there in the shape of Chelsea and Manchester United drawing away from home. A slight decrease on the form from a couple of weeks ago but it could have been a lot worse and more importantly at least Tottenham won so Christmas is not cancelled.

Not only that but my theory in West Brom finally finding a win was one that was blown out of the water after their 3-1 defeat to Stoke

In terms of the maths that now means that I am on 92 out of 190, three short of the halfway mark of 95. Because it was a bang in the middle five out of ten it also means that there is no change to the season strike rate which stays at a stubborn 48.3%

There is a whole host of Christmas fixtures coming up which means it is an incredibly busy period for me and that also means that there will be another raft of Premier League predictions around the corner very soon, let’s hope my tips can bring some Boxing Day cheer

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