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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 17 (Review)

It’s once again time to review how I fared in terms of Premier League Predictions with the midweek action throwing up a few surprises. Surprises which ultimately meant that I did not get as high a score as I would have liked but that said it was still a relatively solid return. Without further ado, lets see how I fared across Tuesday and Wednesday night


Burnley vs Stoke – Burnley Win YES

Crystal Palace vs Watford – Watford Win NO

Huddersfield vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES


Newcastle vs Everton – Everton Win YES

Southampton vs Leicester – Draw NO

Swansea vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES

Liverpool vs West Brom – Liverpool Win NO

Manchester United vs Bournemouth – Manchester United Win YES

Tottenham vs Brighton – Tottenham Win YES

West Ham vs Arsenal – Arsenal Win NO

So if it wasn’t for Liverpool and Arsenal being held to somewhat surprise draws on Wednesday night it could have been a very healthy return. Unfortunately though I had to make do with just six correct predictions out of ten, just above average.

In fairness though I should probably not look a gift horse in the mouth as the gameweek before saw me get just three picks correct, so every cloud and all that. In terms of what that does from a mathematical standpoint, it will give the strike rate a small boost.

I am now on 80 picks out of 170, giving me a percentage of 47% going into this week. A few more sixes and above will at least get me in the respectable territory of 50% plus. I think with the table finally settling down it means I can in theory get more of these predictions correct. Well in theory anyway

Keep an eye out for the next batch of Predictions as they will follow very very soon indeed. Until then.

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