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Sunday Shocker (Tips)

Right let’s review yesterday tips, the original post can be found here https://realfootballman.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/super-sunday-tips/

But to recap the tips were Manchester United and Chelsea to both win for a 11/2 double. It seems apparent that’s why it 11/2 as it was a massive bust.

Firstly Manchester United were outperformed and outclassed as Everton romped to a 3-0 win at Goodison Park. Everton have now gone 6 unbeaten and won 5 of those 6, a late surge of form in a season of mid table frustration but ultimately that was an emphatic NO.

Secondly Chelsea and Arsenal cancelled each other 0ut. Chelsea lacked firepower and their decision not to play a recognised striker didn’t really do them any favours although admittedly they were short of attacking options (Costa and Remy both injured and a big ask for Drogba to play a 3rd full game in a row at his age).  This still means that Chelsea have to win 2 more games to win the league title but from a tipsters point of view it again a NO.

So from a match prediction point of view, I’m 7 from 13 which is down to a 53% success rate and from a betting point of view, I’ve fallen to a poor 1 from 5, which is only a 20% strike rate (and 4 busts in a row).

If we break down the match predictions further it’s 7 correct, 4 wrong with a draw and 4 wrong with a defeat. So from a “Draw No Bet” point of view the success rate would be 84% but obviously any payout would be much less

So this means after the hot start at the beginning of last week, all the profit has been wiped out and the expenditure is now at £-5

Winnings Total £20 – Expenditure Total £25. So I’m now down, I think it’s time to give the tips a rest because I’m a dogged run and need to think about a new change in tactic. If you followed these tips yesterday then again apologies (this is getting a bit awkward) but thanks for reading. I wish you a happy tipping and hope you have a better run of luck than me!

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