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EURO 2016 Qualifiers Predictions – Tuesday (Review)

The final night of this week’s European Qualifiers action, so let’s see how I got on.

England vs Switzerland – England Win YES

Belarus vs Luxembourg – Belarus Win YES

Macedonia vs Spain – Spain Win YES

Slovakia vs Ukraine – Draw YES

Lithuania vs San Marino – Lithuania Win YES

Slovenia vs Estonia – Slovenia Win YES

Leichtenstein vs Russia – Russia Win YES

Moldova vs Montenegro – Montenegro Win YES

Sweden vs Austria – Sweden Win NO

An agonisingly close 8 out of 9 last night, with just Sweden letting me down – just missing out on a big win to end the weeks predictions. A bit gutting but if you had used any combination of those tips bar Sweden you could have made a tidy profit last night.

Let’s breakdown the day by day returns:

Day 1 – 66.6%

Day 2 – 50%

Day 3 – 66.6%

Day 4 – 44.4%

Day 5 – 75%

Day 6 – 88.8%

So a final average tips rate of 65.3% – not bad but certainly some room for improvement. Let’s see if there can be an increase in form with my Premier League Predictions which I will post tomorrow. If you did follow any of my tips this weekend, I hope you had some luck. Thanks for following.


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