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EURO 2016 Qualifiers Predictions – Tuesday (Review)

So the last night of EURO 2016 Qualifying took place last night, here is how my predictions held up:

Netherlands vs Czech Republic – Netherlands Win NO

Wales vs Andorra – Wales Win YES

Latvia vs Kazakhstan – Latvia Win NO

Turkey vs Iceland – Turkey Win YES

Belgium vs Israel – Belgium Win YES

Cyprus vs Bosnia – Bosnia Win YES

Bulgaria vs Azerbaijan – Bulgaria Win YES

Italy vs Norway – Italy Win YES

Malta vs Croatia – Croatia Win YES

So a pretty decent 7/9 – couldn’t quite match the clean sweep of Monday with my downfall being Group A where a miserable campaign for The Netherlands was compounded with defeat at home to the Czech Republic. It won’t quite be the same party without the Dutch their next Summer, but my word what a party it’s going to be. Now the Play-Off draw awaits for the last 4 teams to book their place at EURO 2016

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